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Away with Geese Water Unit

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  • ·       Away With Geese features an amber 360° solar-powered light that flashes every two seconds, all night, year-round. The light is scarcely noticeable to humans but is very disruptive to the sleep of the geese, causing them to no longer feel secure. After just a few anxious nights, they find another habitat. There is an Away With Geese unit for every type of landscape

    ·       The light is mounted on a base comprised of ¼ inch thick ABS black plastic that is configured completely in a one-piece design so there are no seams or points of weakness. It will never fade, crack, or need to be replaced.

    ·       The base is specially designed to effectively displace water and maximize its stability, despite any strong winds and possible choppy waters. Boat hulls informed the shape and ratios of the base design; we have never had a report of one tipping over.

    ·       5 pounds of added ballast keeps the unit weighted and a built-in eyebolt is used to keep it localized when tethered to a cinder block. With a recommended 10 feet of slack in the line, the unit is able to float in a small circular area, when moved by wind or current. This movement adds an additional level of deterrence for the geese.

    ·       Note that 5 pounds of ballast, cinder block and a tether rope are required for installation, but are not included.


    Guaranteed to work.  Geese must be onsite between dusk until dawn.  Very little help with geese that are present during the daytime hours.  Customer must wait 90-180 days for the unit to fully work.  Money back, less shipping after 90 day trial period.

    Call for help if you have questions.

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