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Using our Sonar product, the plant is killed systemically. This means the plant takes up the product through its roots and stems and is affected totally throughout the plant. Sonar interrupts the plants mechanism to make its own food. Because of this process, the plant starves and eventually dies and drops off of the surface.

Using other products such as Reward, Weedtrine D, 145 Eliminator, or any other diquat dibromide type product will brown and damage duckweed quickly, but soon becomes inactive-meaning more costly treatments. These products are considered contact herbicides. If you miss an area with your spray mixture, the plant will not die and will continue to reproduce quickly.

With Sonar, the treatment is thorough and total throughout the whole pond or lake. There is no need to spray each plant-just get the proper amount Sonar into the water. The Sonar moves throughout the water column mixing from top to bottom. Within 2 weeks, damage will be evident and slowly the plants will drop off of the surface.
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