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Pond & Lake Fountains

Pond and lake fountains can add beneficial aeration and beautiful focal points for your pond or lake. They create soothing ambient noise that can drown out and replace loud traffic common to the Indianapolis & Hamilton County Indiana area.

Floating Lake fountains help add oxygen to the water which helps prevent algae from blooming while providing a better habitat for fish.

Contact us for installation or browse our shop for a lake fountain that fits the size and style of your pond.

​Vertex Water Features ​offers the very best fountain that money can buy. With a 4 year warranty on the fountain, you not only get quality, but peace of mind! We have the size and pattern you desire. Call us for a quote custom designed to your Indiana pond or lake.

While it sounds simple to pick up a fountain and anchor it in your pond, there are a few points to consider ahead of time when purchasing a floating lake fountain.

Fountain spray and position

If the spray is too large or too close to the shoreline it can erode your pond's shoreline and cause excess evaporation.

The wind speeds near your pond

The wind can cause smaller jets to drift and mist out of the pond. If you typically have higher wind speeds a larger jet will be needed. If you live in an area that only occasionally gets high winds we have a solution for you too. Some fountains have wind sensors that will set the fountain to a lower setting and reset once the winds have died down.

Fountain sounds

While it is relaxing to drown out the traffic with the sounds of running water it can also drown out conversations at gatherings if a large fountain is too close to gathering sites.

Ponds Rx caries a wide selection of pond and lake fountains that will meet your specific needs and our trained staff will help you pick out the right fountain for your pond.

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