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Pond Muck Management

It's hard to enjoy your pond when it is covered in algae and full of muck.

Ponds Rx can do the dirty work for you by removing excess aquatic weeds, algae, and pond muck .

There are several different kinds of algae and aquatic weeds native to the Indianapolis, IN area . Some are beneficial in small doses but a mismanagement in nutrients and lack of oxygen in the water can quickly turn a little algae into an unsightly and potentially hazardous environment.

Health and Muck Free Pond

If you live in the Indianapolis Indiana area, we offer the following service to keep your pond healthy and muck free

Full Lake and Pond Management

We take care of it all with monthly treatments and checkups. Contact us for a quote.

Water treatments

Ponds Rx is a Steward of water. We are proud to be a member of a select group of applicators around the nation.

Aeration and Fountain Installation

Lack of oxygen in the water can be a big factor in controlling your weed and muck issues.

Properly identifying the target algae and aquatic weeds growing in your Indianapolis area pond or lake is an important factor in Lake management.

Choosing the right product and applying it at the right rates at the right times will provide you with lasting results.

Pond & Lake Algae & Weed Control Serving Greater Indianapolis Metro, Indiana (IN) & Surrounding Areas
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